Following are some of the miracles that have happened through the intercession of St. Jude Thaddeus.

  • I am Miss Mable Correa of Udupi Parish. My heartiest thanks and praises to Lord Jesus for s showering his blessings on me so far. In my family there was no unity formerly and since I have started praying for many years now that all members have united. Three years back I had cervical lympnodes on the right side of my neck. I had undergone for about six months treatment. Finally doctor asked me to come to come for biopsy. There I started attending the Friday retreats regularly. And after one month doctor told me not to get admitted. First of all sometime I had been requested to come regularly to Bombay. After some time due to the infection of detergent soap my fingers got spots and turned blackish and i used to feel bad about it. So daily I used to pray to St. Jude’s Novena holding my fingers and after a few days a miracle took place. The spots disappeared. Once when I was crossing the highway near my residence I was dashed by a truck and I fell. But I had no major injuries and I survived. I also received the gift of Holy Spirit, gift of tongue, gift of visions. Once while attending the adoration I had the vision of St. Jude. I was greatly blessed and guided by both the Parish Priests. I thank once again and hand over this testimony to Fr. Anil D souza.
    Praise the Lord
    Thank you Jesus.
    Miss Mabel Correa
    Rosary Cottage
    Arebarepady Post
    Udupi – 576103

  • We Alwyn and Sherine Rodrigues praise God for giving this opportunity to give testimony to reveal this miracle happened to our son. Last year in February 11, 2009 when my son was born he was diagnosed for diaphragmatic hernia. He had to undergo a surgery. I asked my sister to pray for the child in turn she requested Rev. Fr. Alban to pray for the child. Later my child was operated successful and recovered soon. So praise God and thank St. Jude for this miracle. We named the boy Astrin Emmanuel - Alwyn and Sherine Rodrigues, Neernarga, Abudhabi.

  • The Lord has done a mircle in my son, Norman. He was admitted to the hospital for dengue. Though he was discharged he fell seriously ill because of some reaction of medicine. He was kept in ICU. At this time I requested Fr. Alban to pray for him. He informed that he felt during the adoration that my son was healed completely. Which in fact became true, when the doctor confirmed it. Now my son is has recovered well and is in good health. We thank God for his blessings and praise St. Jude for his healing touch. We also thank Rev. Fr. Alban for his prayers - Stany and Family, Dubai.


  • I, Mrs. Maria Cordero praise Jesus and thank St. Jude for healing my brother, who was suffering from mental illness for 28 years. This was possible only because of the novena of St. Jude and counselling given by Fr. Alban - Maria Cordero, Venur, Adinje.


  • I, Ivy D souza of Nirude Parish have been visiting this shrine for past 25 years. I have received abundant blessings through St. Jude and have been saved from many dangers. On this occasion I thank Jesus and St. Jude for answering my prayers - Ivy D souza,  Nirude.


  • I have received so many favours after visiting this shrine of St. Jude. My heart problem has been healed, my brother’s brain tumour operation became successful and we are all fine now. St. Jude has saved me from such many difficulties. I thank God and St. Jude for all these blessings in my life - Celine D cunha, Kirem.


  • I thank and praise St. Jude for saving me from many difficulties and giving me good health of mind and body - Mrs. Jacintha D souza,  Nirude.


  • We thank God and praise St. Jude for giving us the gift of a baby. We did not have a baby for long years and tried all that we could. Then my brother who attended novena here requested Fr. Alban for help. He gave us some medicine and conceived in the same month. My baby girl was named Judith on February 16, 2010 -Sunil and Felcy Gundimi, Dubai.


  • I, Juliana of Bajpe thank God and St. Jude for bringing my son back home safe. My son who was lost for a month came home safely. It was possible only after I attended novena, prayer and retreat here. I thank Fr. Alban for his prayers - Mrs.Juliana Rodrigues, Bajpe Parish.


  • I, Raju Prabhakar belong to Protestant Church.I was diagnose for Cancer. I came to St. Jude Church and prayed that I would be healed. My doctor suggested me that my cancer now had been healed and a minor surgery would be enough. I praise God for this healing - Raju Prabhakar, Thokottu, Mangalore.













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