St. Jude Church Pakshikere Parish Parished (Parish Pastoral Council)
Annual report for the year 2009-10


The term of the Parish Parishad is for three years. The present Parish Parishad took charge in the month of May 13th, 2007. The office bearers of present council are:

President         -  Rev. Fr. Alban D’souza
Vice President – Mr. Louis  D’souza
Secretary         – Mrs. Zeeta Cutinho.

There are altogether 20 members actively working in the present Parish Parishad. The following report reflects our dedicated service to the parish. We have worked towards;-
1.    To Reach Heavenly Height and Gather Spiritual Treasures: There is a spiritual thirst among the faithful. To meet this thirst and to help the parishioners and the pilgrims to reach the heavenly height and gather spiritual treasures, we have organized different spiritual programs in the Parish.
a)    Novena of St. Jude: devotees from far and near come every Tuesday at 8.a.m and 10.30 for the novena, adoration and for Holy Eucharist. Confession and counselling are also given and other spiritual needs of the people are met on the day and other days of the week too.

b)     Adoration: Every Thursday evening at 6:00 there is Mass and adoration. The adoration was actually started to pray for two young children who were very ill. The two young children recovered immediately through the fervent prayers of the hostellers and the parish priest (Rev. Fr. Alban D’ Souza). Since then adoration is continued every Thursday.

c)    Experiencing the Power of the Holy Spirit: Charismatic Retreat with special prayers, healing session with adoration and Mass is held on every Friday from morning 10.a.m to 4.p.m. Parish clergy with the help of other priests and lay brothers conduct the retreat. Lunch is served for all the participants.

d)    Night with the Lord:
More than five hundred people from different places flock to spend the night with Our Lord Jesus in the night vigil, which we conduct bimonthly. Sharing the Word of God, meditation, singing, praise and worship, adoration, healing, benediction and celebration of the holy Eucharist is the speciality of this vigil service. The participants gain lot of spiritual solace and joy. They return home with spiritual contentment.

e)    Carry Your Cross:
What would be the pain of suffering Jesus? Can we experience a pinch of it? Yes, we can. We provide a chance for our parishioners and pilgrims to experience the suffering of Jesus through a public Way of the Cross which we hold every year during Lent. This is a spiritual help for our faithful to mend their way of life.

f)    Celebrating the Feast of Our Patron Saint:
October month brings joy to all our parishioners and pilgrims because we celebrate the feast of our Patron Saint Jude Thaddeus on 28th of October. This year too we celebrated the feast with lots of joy. Prior to the feast we have 9 days novena as a preparation for the feast. We also conduct various other social and spiritual programmes on account of the feast. This year Rt. Rev. Dr. Aloysius D’ Souza Bishop of Mangalore presided over the Eucharist.  Many priest of our diocese were also present. On that day the bishop inaugurated our Golden Jubilee Year (1960 – 2010).

g)    Small Christian Community: Our parish is divided into four wards (e.g. St. Jude, Little Flower, Vailenkanni and Sacred Heart). Members of the ward meet once a month in the ward and conduct seven steps Gospel sharing. Parish priest and assistant parish priest also attend the meeting. Trained members of the SCC Core group conduct the seven steps method Gospel sharing systematically. Parish Animation Team members also participate in small Christian community gathering.  Several service activities are undertaken.

h)    Nativity of Mother Mary: On every 8th of September we celebrate the feast of the nativity of Mother Mary as the family feast. This year the faithful gathered for the blessing of the new harvest at Pakshikere Junction. Thereafter all the faithful took part in the procession to the church, followed by the celebration of the Eucharist by three priests; Fr. Abraham SVD (the main celebrant), Fr. Alban D’ Souza and Fr. Anil D’ Souza. Sugarcane was distributed to all even to people of other faith after the Holy Mass.

2.    Sharing Christmas: Christmas brings joy to all people here at Pakshikere. On Christmas day evening (Dec. 25th) at 6:00 pm we organized cultural programmes and games to the public. All people regardless of cast and creed participated and enjoyed the event.

3.    Community Wedding (Samuhik Kazar): On the occasion of the feast of our Patron, Saint Jude Thaddeus (28th, October) we organized community wedding on 20th, October. There were seven couples united in the sacrament of matrimony. Rs/- 15,000 was spent on each couple by the church which included the expenditure for bridal dress and ornaments (like sado, karyamani and clothes etc.). Rev.Fr. Patrick Rodrigues, director of Fr. Muller’s Institutions Kankanady celebrated the nuptial Mass. Many other priests were also present to bless the couples. After the mass there was a reception for newly wedded couples. Three thousands people were present for the nuptial Mass and lunch was served to all people.

4.    Integral Development of:
a)    Youth: In consideration of the over all development of the youth and children of our parish we have conducted various training programmes such as; personality development programmes and programme related to Konkani Language. We also organized Yuvasamavesh for the youth to bring them together and celebrate their day.

b)    Altar Servers’ Sammelan: In order to recognize the services rendered by the altar servers, we organized a deanery level Sammelan (gathering) for them. This was one day progamme of training to excel in the service of the Lord and to nurture the talents in them. Many altar servers of the deanery (varado) participated.

c)    A Privilege for Girls: So far serving the priest in the liturgy on the Altar was done only by the boys of our parish. This year for the first time in the history of our parish we have included the girls to serve at the Holy Mass. This is a privilege for them.

5.    The Ray of Hope:
a)    Ashraya: Our church as a hostel named “Ashraya” which accommodates children of poor background. There were forty-one boys from 1st standard to 2nd PUC in the academic year 2009 - 2010. They were provided with free books, uniform, food and new clothes were stitched for them as Christmas gift. 

b)    Medi-Care: We have provided Medical help to the needy. Two patients who needed more help were helped.

c)    Donation in Kind: The usable materials obtained from the demolition of the old presbytery were donated to the needy free of cost.

6.    Attention to the Farm: This year we gave more attention towards the church farm. This has increased the income. We also have a plan to dig a bore well in the month of April or May 2010.

7.    Following is the Agenda for the Golden Jubilee Year 2010:
December – Month for the spiritual growth retreat, confession etc.
January – Month dedicated for the aged of our parish. Prayer, Confession Holy Mass and felicitation.
February – Month dedicated for the catechism (Sunday school).
March – Month dedicated for the women of our parish.
April – Month dedicated for the children of our parish.
May – Month dedicated for the first Holy communicants, SCC Training Programme.
June – Month dedicated for the various other programmes including vocation day and conclusion of the priestly year.
August – Month dedicated for our youth.
September – Month will be celebrated as the Mothers’ day and S.F.O. day (St. Franciscan third order)
October – will be celebrated as the feast of St. Jude  and finale of the Golden Jubilee Year

8.    Other Programmes for the Jubilee Year: There is a plan to undertake various other events for this Golden Jubilee Year such as;
a)    Repair, renovation and construction of new houses of the economically backward     parishioners of our parish.
b)    Gateway for the church depending on the donors.
c)    Construction of New Adoration Chapel.
d)    New ceiling over the Sanctuary.
e)    Replacing the old church bell with a new church bell.
f)    Replacing the old generator with a new Gen-set of 45 KV.
g)    Leveling the hill for the plantation of areca plants.
h)    Digging of new bore-well for irrigation.

9.    Bible Quiz: In order to encourage the parishioners to read and familiarize with the Bible, monthly Bible Quiz (Bible Zanvai Tantr) is held during the Jubilee Year. Rev. Fr Anil D’ Souza prepares and conducts this quiz. Those who score high marks are awarded every month and those who score maximum marks will be awarded at the end of the competition i.e. in the month of October 2010.


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